Your happiness is an inside job.

Jeoffrey Hutcherson

Your Happiness is an Inside Job: How you can shift into happiness and beyond

Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do, are in harmony- Mahatma Gandhi

During one of my classes, the subject of happiness came up. A student was absolutely amazed at how much more aware of her life, she had become since the class the week before. I then asked one of the other students “What do you think needs to happen in your life for you to be happy?” The room fell silent, waiting for her answer. I then suggested that each of the participants actually write down his or her response to the query.

How would you respond to that question?

Take two minutes-right now, to make a list of things that would need to happen for you to be happy. When I did this exercise the first time, I wrote and wrote and wrote. All the things I thought I needed to have to allow myself to feel happy.

Look at that again…What did I think I needed to have in my life to feel happy?

We have been conditioned in our society to think that. When we have an opportunity that we utilize to allow ourselves to feel happy, as the source of our happiness. You are so happy when you buy a new car but the car is not the source of your happiness.

When you see this, it seems so simple. Unfortunately, we are conditioned to make things more complicated than they need to be.

Here’s an example:

A father was talking with his daughter and she asked him why things didn’t stay perfect. He asked her what she meant. She explained that in her eyes, things didn’t stay perfect for very long. “Like my desk,” the girl said. “My lamp needs to be over here, my papers need to be over there, and my flowers need to be over there. My pencils and things need to be here, and when all that stuff is in its right place, then things are perfect.”

The father then asked, “So, when one of those things is out of place, things aren’t perfect anymore? What if I move the pencils over here?” (The girl cringed) “It’s not perfect.” She nodded. “And if I move your flowers over here…?” The father just kept moving stuff around, and the girl became more and more agitated. “When these things are here, life is not perfect and you can’t be happy?”

She said, “Right, Dad.”

So being an intelligent man, he told his daughter, “It’s not that things aren’t perfect, and you can’t be happy, it’s that you have more rules for things not to be perfect, and because you imagine things not being perfect. You don’t allow yourself be happy.”

She got the hint big time.

Let’s change some of the rules you might have in your life, so that you can increase your happiness. Know that you are the one who determines your level of happiness. You are totally in charge of how you choose to feel on the inside. Your happiness does not depend on anything outside you. You can feel happy all the time when you simply allow yourself to feel that way.

You can take yourself out of the programmed thinking that you need a special item or certain amount of money or a special someone in your life to be happy. Nothing special needs to happen for you to be happy. You can just decide to be happy and then you’ll find reasons that will reinforce and support you in your decision.

Being happy is an inside job! It’s your choice so choose wisely.

Your happiness is an inside job

Jeoffrey Hutcherson

Hi there

Let’s get to it! Here is where I’m coming from so you can really dive in and use what I’m talking about. There is a method of operation that I use to maintain and grow more love, happiness, and appreciation in my life. You can use some of the tools shown here and gain more as well.

We are emotional creatures this is just a fact, now can we control our emotions? Or are we controlled by them? It doesn’t matter how you answer the point is not to control all of your emotions or continue to be controlled by them. If you will learn how you can guide your emotions, and guide your thoughts then you will have a much happier life. Either if your mindset is “as you think and feel”, or “I feel and think”. These are my rules I make them up. I like simple things.

1. Everything that I choose to have in my life be it money, people, places and things I would like to have them because I think it will feel good in the having of them, with me? Of course you are. I choose how I feel about everything in my life all day everyday. Good or bad it’s all done by me. So it’s not the having, but my choosing how I feel with or without them that maintains my love and happiness. Nothing has to change so that I can choose to feel good.

2. I’m responsible for how I feel in every situation. Nothing can make me feel bad ever I can only observe life and choose how I feel in the moment of observation.

3. I focus on the positive and I’m a solution base thinker rather than focusing on the negative and waiting for the next problem to come along. If the thought feels bad I don’t have to believe every thought that I think.

4. Be flexible with life and not so serious. It does not have to be a good or bad thing, it can be just a thing and here is how I will proceed. Flow with life not against it and you will miss nothing.

5. There is nothing wrong with you. You are perfect as you are. As you wish to know more of this perfection, have fun as you continue to grow and expand your knowledge of who you are and what you can do. Stop the negative self talk and the idea that you are not good enough, this just slows your growth and you play in limiting life.

Well this is a good start my friends if you like more stay tuned more is on the way. Keep what is useful and please disregard what is not. Be easy and have fun, til next time.