The R.I.C.H. Process

Jeoffrey Hutcherson

Hey, how’s it going everybody?

This is the R.I.C.H. Process. Now, you guys have responded really quickly to what I’ve put out there and I just want to give you some more information on how I create happiness in my life. And again, this R.I.C.H. Process is going to show you just that.

Now, people say happiness is something that it’s so fleeting, it doesn’t last. When people talk about riches they’re usually talking about a financial aspect. That’s all well and good but for me I realize again that this is a emotional world that we live in. So I’m going to elaborate on this and give you a little bit more deeper teachings on this so you really know where I’m coming from.

So, with us being in an emotional world we live in a place where we say it’s not the money, it’s not the bank accounts, it’s not the wardrobe, it’s not the car, it’s not the perfect life partner that gives us our happiness. We only think it’s going to be those things because when we achieve it then we’re going to choose to feel good.

Let me say again that you don’t have to wait for that to happen.

You can choose to feel good right now and actually have fun enjoying the process on creating the bank account, on creating the wardrobe, on having the life. You will get so wrapped up on having such a fun life and enjoying the process that it doesn’t matter that your bank account has to be at a certain level because you’re already R.I.C.H.

You’re already R.I.C.H. When I discovered that for myself, too. R.I.C.H. stands for Realizing I Create Happiness. Realizing I Create Happiness.

That’s all I ever want in my life.

I thought it was money, I thought it was the partner, I thought it was the car, I would have sworn it was the wardrobe but it wasn’t like that for me when I figured it out. When I had nothing, when I thought that there was something else that I was missing, when I thought that I was lacking. That was the error in my thinking.
Once I realized that I can choose happiness from where I am right now and then just go do things that I enjoy.

That’s my R.I.C.H. Process.

Play with that and see how that works for you and then when you realize you create happiness then you can be R.I.C.H. just like me. Because I realize I create happiness.

See you next time.

The R.I.C.H. Process

Jeoffrey Hutcherson

Hi there

Let’s get to it! Here is where I’m coming from so you can really dive in and use what I’m talking about. There is a method of operation that I use to maintain and grow more love, happiness, and appreciation in my life. You can use some of the tools shown here and gain more as well.

We are emotional creatures this is just a fact, now can we control our emotions? Or are we controlled by them? It doesn’t matter how you answer the point is not to control all of your emotions or continue to be controlled by them. If you will learn how you can guide your emotions, and guide your thoughts then you will have a much happier life. Either if your mindset is “as you think and feel”, or “I feel and think”. These are my rules I make them up. I like simple things.

1. Everything that I choose to have in my life be it money, people, places and things I would like to have them because I think it will feel good in the having of them, with me? Of course you are. I choose how I feel about everything in my life all day everyday. Good or bad it’s all done by me. So it’s not the having, but my choosing how I feel with or without them that maintains my love and happiness. Nothing has to change so that I can choose to feel good.

2. I’m responsible for how I feel in every situation. Nothing can make me feel bad ever I can only observe life and choose how I feel in the moment of observation.

3. I focus on the positive and I’m a solution base thinker rather than focusing on the negative and waiting for the next problem to come along. If the thought feels bad I don’t have to believe every thought that I think.

4. Be flexible with life and not so serious. It does not have to be a good or bad thing, it can be just a thing and here is how I will proceed. Flow with life not against it and you will miss nothing.

5. There is nothing wrong with you. You are perfect as you are. As you wish to know more of this perfection, have fun as you continue to grow and expand your knowledge of who you are and what you can do. Stop the negative self talk and the idea that you are not good enough, this just slows your growth and you play in limiting life.

Well this is a good start my friends if you like more stay tuned more is on the way. Keep what is useful and please disregard what is not. Be easy and have fun, til next time.